Magnus Samuelsson

The Worlds Strongest Man Classics – Magnus Samuelsson breaks Nathan Jones arm

The Swedish Magnus Samuelsson, known for reaching the World’s Strongest Man finals an incredible ten times, five of those being podium places did not realise his own strength when taking part in the 1995 WSM final.

Up against Australia’s Nathan Jones, Samuelsson (son to a former female arm wrestling champion and husband to two-time Sweden’s strongest woman champion) took to the stand after Jones’ won within seconds to Phil Martin twice in the qualifying heat.

Samuelsson was the victor of the first round. However, what started like a normal second round took a turn for the worse, when after 10 seconds, Jones pulled with his opposite arm, within mili-seconds a breaking sound ringed in the front row’s ears. Many at the back where unsure what had happened as Jones was taken to the medics immediately.

You can watch the video below, but beware it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Samuelsson, the former European arm wrestling champion when asked what had happened said “I probably broken his arm, or a tendon” he then went on to say “I feel terrible that I have injured him”. It was said that Samuelsson told Jones he was the strongest person he had ever come up against.

Jones had a spiral fracture of the humerus that resulted in him being taken out of the 1995 WSM. Jones returned in 1996 after he won the World Strongman Challenge, placing third in the WSM qualifying heats.

Samuelsson came 10th in the 1995 final but within just three years made it to first place beating Jouko Ahola by six points.

With the huge chance of injury within arm wrestling, this sport is no longer an event at World’s Strongest Man.

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