eddie hall and brian shaw interview

Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw’s World’s Strongest Man Predictions

We were lucky enough to catch up with two time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw and (newly broken) World Deadlift record holder Eddie Hall ahead of their gruelling 2015 WSM training. Talking predictions, prime and athletic fitness…


Eddie, Brian, can you give us your 2015 World’s Strongest Man top three athlete predictions?

Eddie Hall: Top three for the World’s this year, well it’s going to be between Brian Shaw, Me, Big Z (Žydrūnas Savickas) and Thor (Hafthór Björnsson). There are going to be some guys who will be close but that’s my top three, top four there.

Brian Shaw: You put me on the spot man. I think, the way I feel right now that I’ve got a good shot to win, I mean I really want that third title. I’ve tried really hard for the last couple of year, last year it was very close and it was a heated competition but it was Žydrūnas came out on top. He is going to be right there. We already know that. He has proved it time and time again. Like Ed said, Hafthórat the World’s, he is a tough guy. Ed is going to be tough, and there are a few other guys who could come along and mix it up. So we’ll see. (more…)

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