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Current Events

Husaffel / Africa / Asia Stone

The World’s Strongest Man contest has a long history of incorporating events which test not only the pure strength of the competitors, but also their endurance and speed as well. There are a number of events which see the athletes lifting and moving with heavy […]

Vehicle Pull

As a visual event, the sight of competitors pulling a vehicle behind them, using only a harness, or latterly a harness and rope, is probably unrivalled. Although WSM fans are now accustomed to seeing this, it having been a feature since 1977, it is still […]

Fridge Carry

Athletes compete in pairs. Athletes carry a yoke that holds two fridge freezers on their shoulders. This will be carried over the course as quickly as possible within the time limit. The winner is the athlete who completes the course in the shortest time or, […]

Giant Farmers Walk

Athletes compete in pairs. Competitor carries a weight in each hand over a marked course as quickly as possible. Weights: 2 x 160kg

Overhead Lift (For Reps)

Athletes compete singly Athletes will lift a wooden log from the ground then raise it overhead as many times as possible in the time limit; returning the weight back to the floor in a controlled fashion before attempting to do the next lift. The winner […]

Dead Lift (Barrels)

Athletes to compete singly. Athletes are required to lift a number of heavy barrels, which are be dropped one by one into a frame within a stipulated time period. On completion of a good lift another barrel will be loaded automatically, until: time runs out, […]

Truck Pull

Athletes will compete singly. The athletes wear a harness and pull a truck, with the help of a rope, along the road, facing the direction of the finishing line throughout the pull. The winner is the athlete who completes the course in the fastest time, […]

Pillars of Hercules

Athletes compete singly. The athlete stands with arms extended, gripping handles that restrain two pillars, one at each side. Timing will stop when the athlete is no longer able to hold the weight. The winner is the athlete who holds the Pillars in the correct […]

Giant Log Lift

Athletes compete singly. A large tree trunk is erected horizontally on a stand with handles at one end. The athlete stands with his back facing the tree trunk and lifts it over his head as many times as possible within the designated time. The winner […]

Carry & Drag: (Anvils, Anchor & Chain)

Athletes compete 5 at a time. The athletes carry two anvils a set distance, which must be placed over a marked line. They then drag an anchor and chain a further set distance until the whole anchor and chain crosses the finish line. The winner […]

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