Current Events

Current Events

Arm Over Arm Pull

As with the vehicle pull, the aim of this discipline is to move an object (which is generally a vehicle of some description, though there have been exceptions) as fast as possible over a set distance.  In the case of the vertical lift variant, the […]

Power Stairs

Although not used as frequently in World’s Strongest Man contests as some other disciplines, the Power Stairs have still played a crucial role in determining the outcomes of both qualifiers and finals over the years. The basic aim is to take an implement (or implements) […]

Loading Race

An event with almost limitless variations, the loading race has been thrilling WSM fans and challenging the strength, endurance and speed of competitors for decades. The aim is to load a number of objects onto a platform or platforms within a time limit. The athlete […]

Fingal’s Fingers

Fingal’s Fingers, in comparison to some of the WSM staples such as the deadlift, vehicle pull and overhead lift for example, is a comparatively new event. It was first seen in the heats of WSM in Sun City in 2000 and since its debut, Fingal’s […]

Overhead Log Lift

Competing singly,  athletes will lift a wooden log from the ground then raise it overhead as many times as possible in the time limit; returning the weight back to the floor in a controlled fashion before attempting to do the next lift. The winner will […]


The squat is another classic event that has been showcased since the very beginning of WSM. As with the deadlift, the squat has undergone a number of transformations since it was first seen in 1977, all of which have pushed the competitors to their limit. […]


As pure tests of strength go, many strength enthusiasts argue that there is nothing to rival the deadlift. In WSM, the deadlift has always featured heavily in one form or another and the competitors who have led the way have been the cream of WSM […]

Block / Keg Toss

Based to a large extent on the Highland Games ‘weight-for-height’ event, the block or keg toss is an event which relies on a combination of power, technique and explosiveness. In 1993 and 1996, in Orange and Mauritius respectively, rectangular concrete blocks were used, weighing 20kgs […]

Farmers Walk

The Farmers walk has been a feature of WSM for over twenty-five years, making its debut, as the ‘Fergus Walk’ in Christchurch, New Zealand in the 1983 edition. Initially, wooden implements were used, weighing 80kgs each, and it was the thickness, rather than the weight […]

Atlas Stones

This is regarded by many as the signature event of the World’s Strongest Man competition. The Atlas Stones has latterly been used as the final event of WSM, culminating in thrilling finishes between Magnus ver Magnusson and Manfred Hoeberl in 1994, Phil Pfister and Mariusz […]

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