April 29, 2022

The 2022 SBD World’s Strongest Man (WSM) today announced the highly anticipated event line-up for this year’s competition taking place from May 24-29, 2022. Thirty of the world’s top strongmen are slated to go head-to-head in an epic series of events in downtown Sacramento at the Capitol Mall, including the first-ever Deadlift Ladder consisting of a series of incrementally heavier bars ranging between 650 and 750 pounds and a massive Bus Pull, where athletes will pull a brand new Sacramento Regional Transit Bus  weighing approximately 40,000 pounds in a race against time.

Several “vintage” World’s Strongest Man events are making a comeback this year including the classic Car Walk where athletes will strap a vintage VW bug to their shoulders before racing down a 25 meter course. Additionally, this year’s competition features a KNAACK® Medley, which will include a box carry and super yoke both utilizing KNAACK® jobsite boxes as legendary and durable as the World’s Strongest Man event itself; the first-ever Wrecking Ball Hold where a athletes will be ask to lift and hold a massively heavy wrecking ball for as long as possible, and the REIGN Total Body Fuel Power Stairs, another classic WSM event where the world’s strongest will lift and carry leaden weights up a flight of steps.

Other events include the return of another WSM classic, the Flinstone Barbell where strongmen will lift prehistoric looking weights overhead which may exceed 500 pounds, the Loading Race where athletes will grab, run and then place large implements, ranging between 250 and 500 lbs onto a loading platform for the fastest time, and the signature event, the Atlas Stones where this year’s finalists will lift and place several stones ranging between 300 and 470 pounds onto elevated loading platforms in the competition’s final event.

Athletes scheduled to compete include the 2021 WSM reigning champion, Tom Stoltman (GBR), who is looking to defend his title against his older brother and 2021 European World’s Strongest Man Luke Stoltman (GBR); the comeback of self-proclaimed “World’s Strongest Gay” Rob Kearney (USA) and 2019 World’s Strongest Man champion Martins Licis (USA), 2020 World’s Strongest Man champion Oleksii Novikov (UKR) and four-time World’s Strongest Man champion Brian Shaw (Fort Lupton, Colo., USA). Additional athletes slated to compete include, Nedžmin Ambešković (BIH), Gavin Bilton (GBR), Adam Bishop (GBR), Maxime Boudreault (CAN), Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (AUS), Kelvin de Ruiter (NED), Kevin Faires (USA), Mark Felix (GBR), Shane Flowers (GBR), Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsteð (ISL), Konstantine Janashia (GEO), Pavlo Kordiyaka (UKR), Kim Lorentzen (GRL), Peiman Maheripour ehir (IRN), Trey Mitchell (USA), Pa O’Dwyer (IRL), Gabriel Peña (MEX), Gabriel Rhéaume (CAN), Evan Singleton (USA), Aivars Smaukstelis (LVA), Bobby Thompson (USA), Mika Törrö (FIN), Grzegorz Szymański (POL) and Mitchell Hooper (CAN).

The full list of events includes:

Qualifying Round – Day One

  • Loading Race
  • Deadlift Ladder

Qualifying Round – Day Two

  • Car Walk
  • Log Lift

Qualifying Round – Day Three

  • Wrecking Ball Hold
  • Stone Off

Final – Day One

  • KNAACK Giant’s Medley
  • Deadlift
  • Flintstone Barbell

Final – Day Two

  • Bus Pull
  • Reign Total Body Fuel Power Stairs
  • Atlas Stones

SBD Apparel, the premium producer of joint supports and apparel for strongman and strength training, returns as the competition’s title partner.