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WSM Experience, Finland Results


The first ever WSM Experience in Finland was held in the atmosphere of Häme medieval castle in Hämeenlinna city on 21st April 2012.

8 athletes from 4 different countries started the competition under the watchful eye of Magnus Ver Magnusson, who was the head referee for the competition.


The events were as follows -

Weight over the bar medley

This event was indicative of the direction the competition was heading in – the huge Icelanders Hafbor Julius Björsson and Stefan Sölvi Petursson dominated the event, while others struggled to get all objects over the 5 meter high bar (Along with the Haffi and Stefan, only Rolands Gulbis from Latvia managed all 3 weights over the bar).



Farmers walk (2x130kg)/sack loading (120,150kg) medley – this time around Stefan was the man, beating his fellow countryman by 0.15 seconds, followed again by Gulbis and Nicolai Hansen from Denmark.


 Arm over arm pull:

This event consisted of an old cannon placed in a sled which the competitors had to pull for 15 meters. A former WSM finalist, Tarmo Mitt and Finland´s Antti Mourujärvi started their rise in this event by taking 2nd and 3rd place behind Haffi, who made the cannon “fly” 6 seconds faster than any other competitor.


Log Lift:

The log lift took place inside the old cannon tower and again the competition was dominated by Stefan and Haffi, who shared the top place with successful 160kg lifts, followed by Hansen and Mitt (150kg).



The deadlift consisted of an extremely heavy apparatus including a VW Caddy and the high lifts were low compared to regular standards. The opening weight was 300kg and during each rep the weight was raised to 340, 370 and 390. The winner of the event was Hafbor Julius Björnsson with a good lift of 370kg.


Atlas Stones:

The set of Atlas Stones used in this event was perhaps the heaviest ever used in a strongman competition – 8 stones, all carried from the distance of 3 metres and the weights were: 110-130-140-140-140-160-160-180. Most of the competitors struggled immensely after 5 stones, but Finland´s Mourujärvi proved his fighting spirit and lifted 6 stones under 90 seconds and the effort was worth it as he lifted himself up to 3rd place overall. The winner of the event was Haffi, who carried 7 stones in a time of 1.47, but due the time limit of 2 minutes he left the big one to the ground.


Final Standings:

1. Haffi Björnsson

2. Stefan Sölvi Petursson

3. Antti Mourujärvi

4. Tarmo Mitt

5. Nicolai Hansen

6. Rolands Gulbis

7. Jarno Jokinen

8. MIka Jaakola


Overall the competition was a success and the crowd loved the foreign visitors. The competition was filmed and broadcast by the Nelonen Pro channel in Finland and it will also soon be available in DVD format at the official WSM store.


*In the photos Finland´s Antti Mourujärvi and Haffi perform the log lift inside the cannon tower of Häme castle and in the group photo the top 3 celebrate their trophies, which are designed by the world famous finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala.

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