Dimitar Savatinov

Dimitar Savatinov, or “Mitko” as his friends call him, was born in Russia to a Russian mother and Bulgarian father.

Dimitar was a wrestler in high school and continued to wrestle during his time in the Bulgarian army which he joined when he was 18. After leaving the army Dimitar went on to work nightclubs across Bulgaria, and it was on the door that he met a group of circus acrobats who asked him to join their act. Travelling with the Bulgarian Ringling Brothers circus, he came to the USA. Although life on the road with the circus made regular weight training difficult, Dimitar did what he could and in 2009 was invited by some local powerlifters to go with them to a powerlifting contest. It was this meeting, he explains, which inspired him to look into strength training as a career and he would go on to enter his first strongman contest in May of 2009 where he promptly won first place.

Dimitmar didn’t leave the circus immediately, and continued to travel and tour with them when, fortuitously some might say, the Circus’ resident strongman was injured in 2012, Dimitar took over his act for the next six months. The act that he then performed included laying on broken glass while a board on his chest had twelve performers dancing on it, bending iron bars, holding and spinning seven girls on a human carousel, lifting a 200-pound kettle bell, and, finally, having a car drive over him.

It seemed like fate: in the past year alone he competed in six contests and won his place at the 2014 Arnold Classic by finishing second at Odd Haugen’s LA Fit Expo All American Strongman Challenge. Mitko now says that his focus is solely on Strength Training and we wish him luck – he is one athlete to watch in this upcoming season on competitions.

When relaxing Savatinov likes to “Fish, and chill out with my Corgis, ‘Axle’ and ‘Alli”.