Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, United States, is making his 11thappearance at the 2018 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. As a professional Strongman, Brian has had to overcome many obstacles to succeed in the sport of Strongman. The worst was when he detached a bicep in 2012 and then having a pinched nerve in his arm in 2012 that caused him to lose function and feeling in his left hand in 2012. Brian did the entire 2012 WSM contest with not having full function of his hand and with no feeling. Brian needed a competitive outlet after finishing college basketball, which led him to his Strongman career.

With Savickas & Shaw competing in the same WSM again in 2018, it marks the 2nd time in WSM history that two 4-time WSM champions will compete in the same competition.Brian Shaw is looking forward to the competition in hopes of taking home his 5th WSM title.