what it takes
to win the title

The World’s Strongest Man competition is about more than just force: it is about stamina, skill, tactics, training and strategy. Every event below is designed to push the Strongmen to their absolute limits, challenging not only their physical strength, but their agility and mental toughness too.

This event was first introduced into the WSM events repertoire in 1992. Legend has it that the stone was originally crafted in Iceland over 200 years ago and used by an Icelandic pastor to help keep one of his stable … READ MORE

Five objects, each weighing between 100–164kg, are loaded onto a truck bed or a similar platform over a course of about 50 ft… READ MORE

The Overhead Log Lift was introduced into the WSM event series in 1980. Originally, the Overhead Log Lift was about lifting the maximum weight possible… READ MORE

Our Strongmen may not be smashing mountains in two, but they are our modern day Hercules… and for this event they prove their strength by… READ MORE

The Power Stairs are designed to test every element of the athletes’ ability, and require stamina and skill to conquer… READ MORE

The Squat is one of the original events from the very first WSM contest. Still going strong (if you’ll pardon the pun) today… READ MORE

Few WSM events are more impressive than the vehicle pull. Introduced in 1977, it’s the jaw-dropping one-to-watch as vehicles such as trams, boxcars, buses and planes… READ MORE

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